New HALF CAFF blend !!

There’s nothing quite like a desert sunset. After the long hot day (it’s a dry heat!), the sun sets behind the mountains and the illustrious Golden Hour begins. Hues of pink, purple, blue and yellow fill the sky. The sound of songbirds tires and the humm of crickets commences. The day ends, but new possibilities of the night begin. For those night owls who need a little pick me up to start that second shift, we present “Golden Hour.” This half-Caff blend combines our dark and roasty Ponderosa blend with our El Condor Decaf. Perfectly combined to create a sweet and robust mix, Golden Hour can be enjoyed anytime of day or night. We taste notes of walnut, baked goods, and bittersweet chocolate. These also might be the perfect items as an afternoon snack to go along with your cup of Golden Hour. So whether you're coming from a day of work and need a little pick me up, or are one of those illustrious evening coffee drinkers (we're all just jealous!), may you enjoy this Golden Hour in time and in cup.

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