New Single Origin

With any great triumph, it takes a team. U.S. Women’s Soccer team, The Beatles, Apollo 11, Bert & Ernie, the Ghostbusters, The Suns Big 3: Kevin Durant/Devin Booker/Bradley Beale (well... they’re still working that out). So when this coffee came to us and we learned it was a cooperative effort amongst several small shareholder producers in Colombia, we had to give credit to all the hands that brought this delicious coffee to us at Provision. These farmers, hailing from the charming regions of Sandona and Chachauy, joined forces to create something truly special. Their secret sauce? A simple 24-hour fermentation process that each farmer carries out on their own turf. After the magic of fermentation, they gather their beans and head to the solar dryer, where all the coffees mingle and dry together under the sun. It's like a coffee party in there! This communal drying session ensures a consistent and top-notch profile for each batch. And just when you thought it couldn't get any cooler, they let those beans chill in grain pro bags for a whopping 125 days before milling. Now that's what we call dedication to perfection! The process begins with a 24-hour mucilage fermentation, followed by a thorough wash to eliminate any residue. Next, on the drying patio, the beans bask in the sun, forging a consistent profile through mingling and exchanging flavors. After a serene stabilization period, they venture to the mill, polished and primed for your cup. This coffee is bursting with bright and floral flavors, just as we would expect in a Colombian coffee. We taste honeydew melon, juicy ripe pluot (plum & apricot hybrid), and sweet clean sugarcane.

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